I have scars from having my first child. The wounds took a long time to heal and even grow keloids. I was given a lotion that was supposed to improve it but there was no change. The wounds are not visible so it does not diminish my confidence but sometimes the wounds tingle and ache. A friend told me to try Dermatix Ultra. He said the product successfully improved his scars. I use Dermatix in the morning and evening. At first I did not notice any change. But when shown before and after photos of my wound, I see that my keloids have improved significantly, their colors have faded. Because of this, I recommended Dermatix to my sister. I'm glad to find Dermatix. I put it in the bathroom to always remember using it after bathing.



I HAVE TWO CUTS. One cut is on my foot, from falling off Harley motorcycle driven by my husband. Second, I had caesarian cuts from giving birth to my four children. The operation wound in my stomach was probably more than 20 cm. And since there is a wound on my leg, I could never wear skirts again. I tried many ways to prevent keloids. I also put a layer of silicon to cover the scar. My friend said that silicone sheets can prevent and get rid of keloid. But this turned out to be very inconvenient and impractical. I have to cut it first and put paste on the wound. I wore it only for about a week. I have previously used another scar cream, but still my scar remained. I was on the verge of giving up but then I came across Dermatix. I think this is the best, compared to others and wearing silicone. Dermatix is also more affordable. Its use is also practical and convenient. I observed the change that occurred in my wounds. The chestnut color at the base is decreasing. I can now dare to wear skirts again. The keloid also deflated. I will continue to use it.



On May 20, 2012 I suffered a misfortun. My motor was bumped by another motor from the rear and caused me to fall down and faint. I'm thankful that I'm still alive but my face got so disfigured. A day after the accident, the wound on my face grew serious, swollen lip and chin, there was much laceration on my forehead and the most severe lesion was tattered at the bottom of my nose. The doctor said the cuts were serious and should be sewn. But the wound feels hot and tender. My friends suggested Dermatix Ultra. My friend once had a nasty scar that improved after using Dermatix Ultra. After two months of using Dermatix, the black scars improved and I started gaining enough confidence to leave the house. Then after 3 months of using Dermatix Ultra, black scar was not seen again. Now my face is back to normal.



I have two scars, one on each foot. The wound on the left leg was from a fall that resulted in broken bones while the wound on the right foot was from being hit by a hot iron. Due to the two wounds on my legs, I did not dare to wear a skirt. Unfortunately, my job as a Marketing Manager prioritizes appearance. I have used some kind of drug, but to no avail. In fact, I could only think of getting a laser treatment. Fortunately I found Dermatix. Compared to other medicines that I've tried, Dermatix had more significant benefits. After a month of application, the color faded and the surface became more refined. I will continue to use it.

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